Why visit this tiny hamlet tucked away between Jeffrey’s Bay and the awe inspiring Baviaans Kloof? Obviously the Baviaans Kloof is a definite tourist destination what with it’s panoramic views and natural wonders, the hidden caves and death defying kloofs. But I digress, why come to Patensie?



Here are but a few reasons:

Peace, tranquility and the fresh scent of orange blossoms. Walks through the orchards early morn, with the icy frost crackling underfoot. Birdsong is your friendly companion on hour long strolls through the valley.

The Kouga Dam nestles like a silent giant just 26km’s out of the village. One imagines God scooped out the rich red earth of our valley so as to help the genius engineers in the not so humble task of creating this man made wonder that is the Kouga Dam.

Take a slow meandering drive back to Patensie and en route stop for a bite to eat at Padlangs. Their “roosterkoek” is the best! Back in our little place called home you might find yourself keen for a bit of the night life.

“Not in Patensie!”, you may say. “Yes, in Patensie!”, I tell you! Rock it up in the vibey pub on a weekend at the Ripple Hill Hotel. Meet the locals, the foundation of the citrus valley, and enjoy an ice cold beer or sample the selection of fine wines. For those wishing to just chill – enjoy a perfectly grilled steak in our more formal dining room or sip a sherry in front of the crackling fire.

Saturdays are fun days what with the rugby on the big screen at the hotel and more pleasure watching the antics of the locals.

The little C.B.D itself takes up just an inch or two of the village itself. It is however a must see. ”China”  shops and the old crumbling railway station with its carriages hulking like long forgotten dinosaurs are sights to be seen! Patensie also boasts a supermarket, liquor store and a dispensing doctor.

Fancy a look through a traditional country shop? Tolbos is just around the corner and in walking distance from most places in Patensie. It is just the place to select  a gift for family and friends back home.
Pick up a pocket of Patensie potatoes – you can not beat them, and in season you can sample our world famous export citrus, or go one step further and visit the local nursery and pick up a tree or two for yourself!

Shumba Safaris, just up the drag, offers day trips. Who knows – you might spot a lion!

En – route to or from pretty Patensie make a day trip of the Baviaans or over night at one of the  many guest houses or go wild and sleep in a cave!

Everyone greets in Patensie, from stranger to sibling – we all wave as we pass each other by.

It’s a place of perfection, prettiness and peace.

Perfect, pretty, peaceful Patensie.

Come and see for yourself!

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